In collaboration with the National Geographic Magazine-Georgia and the Georgian National Museum supported by Silknet, the Map of Biodiversity in the South Caucasus and its website were recently created. In the first stage we have incorporated 120 illustrations and basic biodiversity information on species found in the South Caucasus (mostly Georgia) on the electronic version of the map. Each description, prepared by a field specialist, provides key information about each species. On the printed map there are 98 species represented, with their Latin, Georgian and English names and their conservation status according to IUCN.

The large scale (3m.X1.5m) printed version of the map is displayed at the Caucasus Biodiversity Exhibition of the S. Janashia Museum of Georgia.

In the future, both electronic and printed maps will be developed with additional species and habitats in neighboring countries.

Scientists from the Georgian National Museum have worked with species specialists from Ilia State University, with oversight by the National Geographic team of specialists who supervised the illustrators to create high quality images for each species represented on the maps.

Creation of the first ever illustrated Map of Biodiversity in the South Caucasus was entirely supported by the GIZ “Integrated Biodiversity Management, South Caucasus” Project.

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      • Amphibians
        Northern Banded Newt
        Сaucasian Salamander
        Syrian Spadefoot Toad
        Yellow-lemon Treefrog
        Caucasus Frog
        Caucasian Parsley Frog
      • Birds
        Velvet Scoter
        Lesser Kestrel
        Eurasian Eagle-owl
        Little Bustard
        Common Crane
        Eastern Imperial Eagle
        Dalmatian Pelican
        Mediterranean Shearwater
        Common Pheasant
        Caucasian Snowcock
        Black Francolin
        Caucasian grouse
        Mountain Chiffchaff
        Egyptian Vulture
        Great Rosefinch
        White-winged Redstart
      • Fish
        Colchian Sturgeon
        Stellate Sturgeon
        Fringebarbel Sturgeon
        Black Sea Salmon
        Atlantic Sturgeon
        Colchic Khramulya
        Luciobarbus mursa
        Colchic Barbell
        Paliastomi Shad
        Beluga European Sturgeon
      • Fossils
        Dryopithecus teeth from Udabno
        Fossil flora from Goderdzi
        Hominins from Dmanisi
        Dinosaur footprints from Sataplia
      • Insects
        Stick Bituberculatus
        Armenian Bumblebee
        Violet Carpenter Bee
        Western Honeybee
        Rosalia Longicorn
        Caucasian Festoon
        Nordmann΄s Apollo
        Cave Transcaspian Tiger Moth
        Snout Moth Otus
        Madder Hawkmoth
        Christoph΄s Brahmaea Moth
        Schamyl΄s Ghost Moth
        Romanoff΄s Tomares
        Burnet Tamara
        Mingrelian Beautiful Dragonfly
        Caucasian Carabus Ground Beetle
        Capricorn Beetle
        Clay’s Bumblebee
        Hewitson΄s Mountain Marigold Butterfly
      • Mammals
        Goitered Gazelle
        Eurasian Otter
        Brown Bear
        Striped Hyaena
        Jungle Cat
        Eurasian Lynx
        Long-clawed Mole Vole
        Caucasian Squirrel
        Marbled Polecat
        Northern Chamois
        East Caucasian Tur
        Wild Goat
        Red Deer
        European Badger
        Western Barbastelle
        Mehely's Horseshoe Bat
      • Plants
        Pasque Flower
        Sakchokia`s Pear
        Kuznetzov's Willow
        Mountain Ash
        Chorokhi Oak
        Caucasian Zelkova
        Ermanian Wild Rose
        Kolakovsky's Psephellus
        Bush's Honeysuckle
        Colchian Hazelnut
        Eichlerian Tulip
        Moschatel Muskroot
        Megrelian Birch
        Giant Scabious
        Colchian Sowbread
        Pontian Mouse-ear Chickweed
        Caucasian Dogs-tooth Violet
        Alpana’s Grape Hyacinth
        Winogradow's Iris
        Smirnow’s Gymnospermium
      • Reptiles
        Artwin Lizard
        Valentin’s Lizard
        Dahl’s lizard
        Ajarian lizard
        Charnali lizard
        Javelin Sand Boa
        Caucasian Viper
        Levantine Viper
        South Caucasian Sand Viper
        Eastern Montpellier Snake
        South Caucasian Ratsnake
        Colchic Slow Worm
        Caucasian Agama
        Berber Skink
        Greek Tortoise